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Indian Management Institute defines; designs and delivers technology-enabled education for all aspirants who are looking to expand their skills, updating their expertise or getting a competitive edge in this crowded and intensely competitive marketplace.

The rapid changes brought about by global and consumer trends can be disruptive to the job market. People sometimes unexpectedly find their job skills out of date or no longer in demand. Earning a degree in a specific career field can be a way to refresh or redirect those skills, to get back on the right side of the job market.

Now more than ever, MBA degrees offered by IMI allows student to upgrade their skills at their convenience and in a cost-effective manner. The degree allows student to fit their academic schedule around the demands of their current job, so they can keep earning while they learn.

IMI's footprint spans across verticals like: banking & financial services, insurance & healthcare; information technology, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, distribution & logistics, media, entertainment, leisure & travel, communication, energy & utilities, public sector and SME.