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If your concept of study is simply going to class and taking the final exam, think again. IMI offers an environment in which learning can happen anywhere and at any time. We take advantage of online learning to significantly boost your effectiveness by immersing you in learning and discovery.

Our studio-quality lectures are easy to watch, engaging, interesting, and coupled with complete tutor support. Your experience feels no different than a physical face-to-face class with one of the top tutors in the field.

You are always free to pause, rewind or replay a lecture. Video lectures are supported by comprehensive lecture notes and PPT. All of this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week giving you true flexibility and full control on your studies.

IMI's weekend Query Handling Sessions and Case Based Learning for students help them develop analytical skills. The sessions also allow a student to build a social network, which has emerged as a key technique in modern sociology.

Studying with IMI is empowering and flexible. It allows you to take control of your studies to learn at your own pace and convenience.