Advance Executive Certificate in Leadership and Innovation (AECLI)

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Your quest to become best ends here! IMI in association with KASSH introduces the Advance Executive Certificate in Leadership and Innovation. It’s rightly said that “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”. This Program gives you experiential learning, which allows you to practice excellence to make it your habit. AECLI make you different from the Degree holder, as not all Degree holders have Power, Poise & Pizzazz as their shield to fight in this highly competitive market.

AECLI trains you in three basic skills:
  • Effective Communication and Public Speaking
  • Motivation
  • Transformation

The result of this training is simply wonderful. You build confidence in yourself and your abilities. You learn what motivates people and why. You start moving in a new direction with enthusiasm, stimulation and sustained inspiration. Through AECLI you achieve :

  • New success in getting along with others and reaching mutual goals
  • New perspective towards your career, associates, family and friends
  • New motivation to reach for life’s highest rewards
  • Increasing Self-confidence and Enthusiasm
  • Greater skill in presenting ideas and programmes
  • Inspiring others to get things done
  • Making sound decisions even under pressure
  • Improving human relations and team work
  • Overcoming tension resulting from worry

Certificate Awarded : Advance Executive Certificate in Leadership and Innovation

Duration : 4 Months (14 Sessions)

Learning Pattern : Weekend Face-to-Face Learning

Who can apply? Any Post-Graduate with minimum 3 Years of work experience.

Fees :Rs. 51,000/-

Course Details

SESSIONS ONE TO FIVE are devoted to building confidence and self-reliance mainly through a series of successful speaking experiences. As the class member masters the techniques of effective communication taught in the Course, he/she changes his/her attitudes towards himself and begins to speak more convincingly. This carriers over to his job where his newly found confidence results in better expression of his ideas in management., selling, teaching, innovating, in whatever endeavor he pursues. Briefly, the first five sessions rid the class members of shackles of self-consciousness and develop in them a compelling desire not only to express their ideas but to do so with forcefulness and conviction.

Benefits gained through Sessions 1 - 5 :

  • Poise
  • Conversational ability
  • Fluency of expression
  • Ability to use visual aids
  • Better memory for names and items
  • Skill in developing evidence and illustrations to back up one’s point
  • Ease and clarity of expression
  • Naturalness in inter-personal relationships
  • Ability to use demonstrations skillfully
  • Ability to plan and organize
  • Eliminate negative thinking
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