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Dear Students,

Indian Management Institute (IMI) is a public recognized private initiative dedicated to create a Knowledge Hub for a motivated management enthusiast of the twenty first century. The way to development requires discovery and conquest of new frontiers of knowledge and backed by and based upon 'capital' both Human and Financial in nature. IMI has managed to attract such 'capital' of both the kinds in required qualitative and quantitative measure which has been invested and is being productively used to build a global educational platform of knowledge of significant repute.

The history of the last fifty years of quality management education in our country can be confidently said to be not uniformly progressive and such opportunities were also certainly not available to all the suitable aspirants. The reasons may be many and various but even a progressive uniform step to diagnose its reasons and remedy the same was also not an initiative taken by any of its legitimate stakeholders or providers of such education.

IMI has ceased the moment when the government of the day seems to be working progressively on the holistic development of education in India and also aims to focus on the higher education needs of this talented populous whose Gross Enrolment Ratio is an abysmal low of 12.4%, a regrettable figure compared to any country of the developed and lesser developed world.

IMI has pioneered a global collaborative enterprise of management education delivered through a knowledge platform of inter-connected learning. Such a platform, aims to bring the best of minds of both, a tutor and a pupil together, at a time and place not limited by circumstances but instead by a moment fuelled by a desire to learn or to deliver. A classroom can be a car, a living room, an office, an open field, a terrace or any space suitable enough for IT enabled electronic technology to function. Such is the connectivity our knowledge delivery platform intends to provide and revolutionize the entire methods of pedagogy. This progressive world is knowledge based, skills supported and time starved. If knowledge and skill together are not imparted in right time and in right semblance, then such education does not create a value or generate employment in today's market sphere. IMI caters to such needs exclusively and its course content and study mechanism is designed in a manner most suitable to face the challenges of today and tomorrow's job market. Moreover, this project has been very closely scrutinized and suggested by many big wigs of different industries and professions.

Therefore, if you believe in the statement which the great Abraham Lincoln once said as stated above, and wish further to develop the skills backed by knowledge which is required to perform a productive work in the most productive manner in your own time and space, then IMI is the best option and not a best alternative for any management aspirant of today's generation.

I welcome you all, to this unique educational inter-connected learning platform where learning and teaching is like a ceremony catering to the marriage of great minds.

With thanks and best wishes,

Mr. Maqsood Khan (Awarded: Hind Ratan, Glory of India)