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General Details

What is the difference between Correspondence Course/Distance Education and Blended Education?
Is degree awarded through IMI recognized for employment and is at par with regular degree?

Admission FAQs

What all documents I need to submit to become a student of IMI?
To become a student of IMI do I need to give any entrance examination?
Please help me with admission batch details.
From where will I get the Admission Form for admission?
What is the procedure to fill the Application Form?
Fees should be paid in which name?
When will I get my Admission Confirmation letter?
When will I receive the study-kit from IMI?
When will I get NGP user id & password?
Can I apply for placement assistance?
What is the admission procedure for foreign national?

Exam Details

When will be the Examination conducted?
When can a student expect the Hall ticket?
Where are Examination Centers?
What is total examination marks?
Examination will be conducted online?
Question paper is subjective or objective?
What is passing percentage and marks?
How will a student get their Results and Certificates?
Procedure of Re- Valuation/Re- Totaling?
Convocation details
Correction In Certificates

NGP & PCP Details

What is NGP?
How do I access my NGP Login?
What has to be done, if I am not able to access my account?
How do I access my account if I forget my password?
What should a student do if they are not able to access lectures on NGP?
How can a student download the lectures?
What is PCP (Personal Contact Program)?
Do I need to pay extra for PCP?
When will the PCP start?

Course FAQs

What is the duration of each course?
What are the eligibility criteria of each course?
What is the fees structure of all the courses?
Can a student make part payment (installment) of fees?