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If your concept of study is simply going to class and taking a final exam, think again. IMI offers an environment in which learning can happen anywhere, at any time. We take advantage of this to significantly boost the effectiveness of an MBA education by immersing you in learning and discovery.

In today's fast changing and sometimes unsteady job market, a key to finding rewarding, long-term employment is matching your skill set with in-demand occupations. Earning a Postgraduation Degree can be a practical way to keep your skills on target and up-to-date.

The rapid changes brought about by technological advancements, global trade, and consumer trends can be disruptive to the job market. People sometimes unexpectedly find their job skills out of date or no longer in demand. Earning a degree in a specific career field can be a way to refresh and/or redirect those skills, to get back on the right side of the job market.

Now more than ever, MBA degrees offered by Indian Management Institute allow people to upgrade their skills at their convenience and in a cost-effective manner. The degree allows you to fit your academic schedule around the demands of your current job, so you can keep earning while you are learning.